Yakso Tofu ORG 6x500g

Yakso Tofu ORG 500g

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    Tofu is a low-calorie, high-protein, soy-based meat substitute. Tofu naturally has a soft texture. If you bake tofu briefly, you get a nice crispy outside and a soft inside. The taste of tofu is quite neutral. This makes it very suitable for marinating, you can use it for all kinds of dishes. Tofu absorbs flavors very well.

    Tip: very tasty with vegetarian (Asian) dishes.

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    water, tofu * (SOYBEANS*, calcium sulfate) (45%), sea salt. *certified organically grown

    Storage advice

    Keep in the fridge after opening and consume within 3 days

    Nutritional values

    kJ 293,0
    Kcal 70,0
    Protein 7,2
    Carbohydrates 0,9
    Of which sugars 0,0
    Fat 4,0
    Of which saturated 0,6
    Fibres 1,0
    Salt 0,81